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About Christine


Christine is a proud mum and Baby Sleep Consultant, based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, VIC. She is passionate about the importance of sleep for both parents and children and is dedicated to helping parents find a sleep solution that works for them. She studied through Baby Sleep Consultant Training Ltd receiving her certificate as an Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, and is qualified to work with newborn babies and children up to the age of 4.


"As a mother, I know all too well the feelings of frustration, overwhelm and exhaustion when your child is not sleeping well.

My son was 6 months old when he went from being a great sleeper to the complete opposite. As if a switch had been flipped he went from sleeping independently with lovely long stretches day and night, to needing to be rocked and fed to sleep, waking frequently at night and catnapping. Over time he also began to refuse solids and was constantly overtired and cranky. The affects on my own health and wellbeing were also becoming evident - I was running on empty, my brain was not functioning, my immune system was run into the ground, and I had zero patience with my child, partner and family.

I knew I needed help but I put it off for months. Surely, as a parent, I should be able to figure this out for myself!

Finally I bit the bullet and called a sleep consultant who provided us with the most amazing support and sleep training strategy which had everyone much more rested. It was at that moment that I knew my future involved supporting and empowering other parents and helping other children get the sleep they so desperately needed.


Sleep training changed my life."

My Philosophy

There are so many things that can influence and affect a baby or toddler's sleep. That's why I take a fully holistic approach when working with you!


Not only do we work on establishing some healthy sleep habits through good sleep hygiene, feeding and nutrition, ideal awake windows/routine and teaching self-settling skills, but we also need to be considerate of your child's age and stage, temperament and your parenting style.


And this is exactly why "one size fits all" approaches don't work - every child and family are so different!

If your little one is 4 months or older and you need support with any of the

following, I would love to help you start you off on your journey to better sleep:


  • Bedtime battles

  • Night waking

  • Catnapping

  • Early rising

  • Sleep regressions

  • Establishing an age appropriate routine

  • Nap Transitions

  • Excessive night feeding / reducing night feeds

  • Sleep Associations - rocking/patting/feeding to sleep/dummies

  • Transitioning from cot to a big bed

  • Toddler sleep issues - Curtain calls/not staying in bed/night wakes

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