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Helping you &
your child get the sleep you need...

Are you exhausted & struggling with

your little one's sleep?

Ready to make a change?

Hi, I'm Christine!


Proud Melbourne mum &

Holistic Baby & Toddler

Sleep Consultant.


I'm here to help you achieve a better night's

sleep for both you & your little one.

And while we're at it, I'm going to empower

you with all the tools & knowledge you

need to confidently navigate

any future sleep challenge. 


Christine's Holistic and Personalised Approach to Sleep

As each family is different in their own unique way, Christine creates bespoke sleep plans which addresses every aspect of your baby or toddler's sleep including: sleep environment, nutrition, nap routines, settling techniques, recognising tired signs, creating bedtime rituals and sleep cues, and of course safe sleep.


Sleep training can sometimes be a daunting thought, but rest assured that Christine's priority is ensuring parents feel comfortable with the approach and strategies created for them.

Full Sleep Evaluation

Daily Phone & Email Support


Sleep Plan

Home Visits

Day & Night






I first got in touch with Christine when my son was 4 and a half months old.


He had a strong rock to sleep association and while I’d made some good steps to start him learning to self settle, Christine’s help was invaluable in helping me learn how to troubleshoot the day depending on how his sleep was going.


It’s knowledge I have used every day since then (he’s now 18mo). I’ve had a few tune up calls since then when things went a bit sideways and her advice was always spot on and I was quick to see the change we needed.


I would highly recommend Christine to anyone looking to understand their baby’s sleep better so everyone gets a better rest. Since he was 5 months old, I’ve had to wake my little boy from 99% of his naps as he loves his sleep (and so do I!) :)


Thank you so much to Christine, you have helped our family immensely!

I had spoken to a number of sleep consultants before I found Christine - immediately I knew she was the right fit and could help us in a gentle, responsive way and without compromising our breastfeeding or parenting choices.

My 15mo was waking every two hours most nights, feeding at every wake overnight, needing to be held to sleep, having split-nights and mostly only cat napping during the day.
Christine worked with us to implement a tailored routine that suited our boy and transformed our bedtime settling.

My husband and I are now able to put our boy into his cot awake to fall asleep at naps and bedtime, and he will happily drift off to sleep without feeds or rocking (and sometimes giggling himself to sleep!). He now only wakes once overnight for a quick feed and falls back asleep easily and quickly. He’s also having amazing, 1-2 hour naps during the day (which he has never done).

It has made such an enormous difference to our mental health and well-being, and I no longer go to bed at night with the anxiety of wondering when or how many times will I get up during the night.

Highly recommend Christine!


Christine was absolutely fantastic to work with. Our 12 month old was waking frequently at night, cat napping during the day and had to be fed or rocked to sleep - she could not fall asleep on her own.

After 2 weeks of working with Christine our daughter falls asleep all by herself for day and night sleep. She sleeps through the night and does a 2 hour nap during the day (I never thought this was possible)

Our daughter was one of Christine’s more challenging clients, but she persisted and supported us through finally trying the ‘leave and check’ technique which ultimately was the best option for our baby. The change in her sleep patterns from when we started to when we were signed off is so dramatic, I still can’t believe it. We definitely couldn’t have followed through with the settling technique if it wasn’t for Christine’s support!

Christine was very calm and measured in her approach and she was passionate about finding the right solution for us! Thank you Christine!!!


4 months ago Christine supported us with an overnight consult for our 2.5 year old who needed to be held to sleep (and only by Mum) and would wake over night.

We were able to discuss settling techniques that we felt comfortable with, made some tweaks to our routine timing and used role play so our son was involved with the process also.

We saw massive improvement from the first night, he started sleeping through straight away and was happily self settling with us out of the room within two weeks with either Mum or Dad doing the bedtime routine.

Now a couple of months on, we have been able to go away on holiday and use the techniques Christine taught us to keep up the good sleep, whilst being able to be flexible with times and new environments.

Thank you so much for your reassurance and guidance Christine, it was a pleasure working with you!

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